Enchanted Kingdom, First Floor, Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford, HR1 2DT

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Hereford's First

Intimate Theatrical

Venue For Children

Behind The Magic

Enchanted Kingdom is Hereford's first and only professional intimate theatrical venue aimed specifically towards children. 


Throughout the year we host different live intimate shows, performed by a cast of professionally trained performers who boast a huge array of talents and artistry. Whether it be witnessing your child’s favourite Princesses brought to life with startling accuracy, or laughing and singing along with a real life version of film and televisions best loved animated characters, we are confident that we provide shows that cater to every taste. With a younger target audience in mind, all of our productions are a maximum of 30 minutes long, followed by your own personal meet and greets with the stars of the show. 


Due to the high quality of production, lighting, costume and general attention to detail, a common misconception is that we are a franchised company with a huge team working behind the scenes. (We take this as a massive compliment) However, the reality couldn’t be more different, we are a small local business with the whole operation being ran by us three owners, all of whom continue to work extensively as full time performers and creative producers along with running this business too. We like to think that our wealth of experience as performers and creatives is a big part of our success so far, as we try to ensure every detail is accounted for. We are always looking to improve, so feedback from our visiting guests is always gratefully received.‚Äč


We look forward to welcoming new and returning guests alike and providing a little bit of magic for all who visit!

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